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Privacy Policy 

This document aims to describe the information Destination Arabia retains about its customers online and how your privacy is always protected in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

Collection & Use Of Personally Identifiable Information

For Destination Arabia to provide its services and operate efficiently for the benefit of its customers, the company retains the following types of information submitted by the customer that may constitute personally identifiable information: name, postal address, email address, telephone, and fax numbers. The sole purpose of this information is for use by Destination Arabia to communicate with customers and respond to customer inquiries or service requests.

Destination Arabia retains logs of usage of online systems and applications such as email transmissions, IP addresses, and user activity. This information is retained to facilitate customer support and be able to detect and rectify any problems that customers may encounter.

Purpose of Information Stored 

Destination Arabia retains the above-described forms of data about its customers with the following objectives:

To communicate efficiently with its customers about the service provided

To send pertinent information about the services offered by the company

To improve the quality of service offered through customer feedback

To provide support and assistance to customers about the company’s services

To ensure compliance with the relevant laws and contractual obligations


Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information

Destination Arabia will not disclose any personally identifiable information stored without the customer’s consent unless this is required by law or legal process. The types of persons to whom the company may disclose information about the customer in the course of providing its services include the employees of the company and its related legal entities, agents, subcontractors, sales representatives, accountants, billing and collection services, and credit reporting agencies, consumer and market research firms, and authorized representatives of governmental bodies.


Retention Period For Personally Identifiable Information

The Company maintains personally identifiable Customer information for as long as it is necessary for business purposes. This period lasts as long as the customer is active with the company and includes the entire period required by law so that the company can comply with tax and accounting requirements. When information is no longer necessary for these purposes, the company will destroy the information unless there is a legitimate outstanding request or order to inspect the information.


Access To Records

Customers have the right to inspect records containing their personally identifiable information and correct any errors in such information. If the customer wishes to inspect these records, notification in writing to the company is required for an appointment will be arranged during regular business hours.

Policy Updates

Destination Arabia may update its privacy policy from time to time and will post its updated policy on its website to replace this document. Customers are encouraged to stay up-to-date by consulting this document to be aware of any changes that may occur.

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